Valentine Aldra

no_photo_available_icon.jpgTen years ago, Valentine Aldra, Elder of the Aldra Bloodline, did something unspeakable. Literally. On top of being sentenced to the Cellar, all record of him was stricken from every known source.

The rumors of his crime(s?) are as various as they are salacious, ranging from openly defying edicts of the Elders to the formation of a dark cult that committed mass murder to fuel his blasphemous rituals. All seem to agree Valentine himself had powers strange to the Aldra Bloodline; powers over life and death.

It is known that whatever he did, he did on the west coast, probably in Seattle. And he did amass followers, some of who evaded capture and are still pursued by authorities. There were also certainly breeches where magic was exposed to human witness as there were high concentrations of “cleaners” – similar to the Gnomes – in the area around the time of Valentine’s arrest.

It is difficult for anyone to believe that a sentence to the Cellar was warranted without some deaths, probably of Witches. But in the end, no one outside of the Elders involved, the Chamber of Commerce, and Valentine himself knows for sure why he was imprisoned.

Valentine Aldra

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