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Each of the traditional families or Bloodlines has a specific category of magical power that some members are born with. Though the categories manifest in a variety of ways (usually at puberty), the category itself never changes for each Bloodline.

An antiquated and mostly forgotten system arranged the Bloodlines into High Noble and Common, or “Lesser Noble” as they prefer to be called. High Nobles tend to be more powerful but more distant and elitist. Commoners tend to be more approachable and appreciative of humans.

Some Bloodlines are thought to have been lost through the ages. Others merely forgotten. The following represent those Bloodlines known to operate on, or are affiliated with, New Salem.

The High Noble Bloodlines

The Aldras, the Void Witches
The Clarks, the Cosmic Witches
The Corvuses, the Shadow Witches
The Delapores, the Catalyst Witches
The Donovans, the Blood Witches
The d’Shadres, the Spirit Witches
The Elmagos, the Storm Witches
The Fitzpatricks, the Luck Witches
The Lumieres, the Light Witches

The Common or “Lesser Noble” Bloodlines

The Bucks, the Motive Witches
The Galloways, the Time Witches
The Lahrs, the Elemental Witches
The Margraives, the Animalism Witches


New Salem is a county of Massachusetts with its own congressman, US mail service, towers for cellphones. All the things a normal town on an island a dozen or so miles off the coast of New England should have.

Early Dutch explorers called the Island Schildpad (Turtle) because of its unnerving tendency roam a bit. No motion can be measured. It’s just not always exactly where you left it, but it never goes far. And nowadays radio beacons call out to those that need to find shore.

Being at the convergence of several lay lines, the Island has been precious to Witches since first colonized by the Delapore Bloodline in the early 1700s. It was they who named it New Salem as a barb to those responsible for the trials. Later, they opened the Island to any Bloodline wishing to live “in harmony with their own kind, with nature and even with certain of humankind” (from the original charter).


The Cellar
City Hall
The Five Pillars
The Heights
Moonrise Cove
Mount Yaanek
Pantheon Academy
The River Ridge Wolf Preserve
The Skoria River
The Woods


The Ashton Twins
Sheriff Lucas Buck
Sarah Clark
Archibald Corvus
Stanley Darrow, the Car
Cass Donovan
Headmistress Patrice Elmago
Merv Fischer
Willie the Gardener
Mayor Barnabas Grey
Rembrandt “Remmy” Johnson
Tienna Lahr
Jeffrey Margraive
Riley Sangiacomo


Valentine Aldra
Phoenix Blacksteel
The Gargoyle
The Gnomes
Malvorax The Desiccator
The New Salem Chamber of Commerce
The Ocatro
The Old Crone of the Woods

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