The New Salem Chamber of Commerce

Artist’s Concept Rendering

In most cities, the Chamber of Commerce is merely an advisory board of predominant business men and women, promoting economic growth. In New Salem, all official edicts, practices and policies are either handed down directly, or at least approved, by the Chamber. They regulate travel to the Island, dictating who may or may not leave and when. They condemn Witches to the Cellar and have the power to pardon them, though no one has been freed in living memory. They decide when a Witch is to be subject to human law and when they are exempt. And they do all this with no explanation as to their methodology.

The identities of the Elders-only members are not truly a secret. It is simply something that is not discussed out of respect (though fear is a factor). That has changed in recent years with the current president Archibald Corvus who openly engages the public with his position in the Chamber. This has had the effect of putting a “human” face on the Chamber. Others worry it also draws attention to the members of the Chamber who obviously wish to remain anonymous.

There is a real fear that Corvus is doing this to consolidate his power in order to reform the Chamber into the Ocatro.

The New Salem Chamber of Commerce

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