Moonrise Cove

light_over_durdledoor_by_brewanneanan.jpgAspects: Playground corrupted. Anything for a price.

Moonrise cove’s rocky seabed is too shallow to use for a commercial port but its small, beautiful beach, pastoral fields and discrete distance from New Salem Township made it ideal tourism, reaching its peak in the mid 1930s.

But the Cove slowly fell out of favor with tourists and by the late 1990s, it had all but been reclaimed by the wild and the abandoned structures became graffiti covered hangouts for drifters and bored youths. Fires and drug overdoses were common.

Then about six years ago, the mysterious Knox arrived with an eye to build a family un-friendly teen playground. He refurbished burned out beach houses into hostels where teen can stay as long as they provide their own meals, usually by bartering labor. He converted old swimming pools into a skate parks and holds the largest x-games style festival on the Island twice a year. He cleared an over-grown field as a staging area for raves which he hosts frequently.

The Cove has become the go-to spot for the Island’s counter-culture with an almost artist’s commune facade. But underneath, their is a steady stream of drugs, magical contraband, stolen merchandise and possibly worse things coming into and going out of the Island. If you need it… really need it… and you can’t find it anywhere else, you can probably find it in Moonrise Cove. Just be prepared to pay for it, and not necessarily with money.

Moonrise Cove

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