The Woods

Witches in general tend to be more environmentally minded. Throughout their history on the Island, ordinances have been in place to minimize lumber gathering. The only effect of the clearing that has been done is to divide the vast forest that once covered the entirety of Island into three still impressive forests.

The Pines

Aspect: Nature’s domain demands respect.
The Skoria River cuts sharply east after it comes down from Mount Yaanek (the highest point on New Salem) and is the dividing line between the north end and the rest of the Island. North of the river, toward the mountain, is the River Ridge pine forest. In there is only the River Ridge Wolf Preserve and the G&L lumber company where most of the lumber felled on the Island comes from. A bit off from both of those, on one of the few well-worn hiking trails, you can find the Pillar of the Wind. Beyond that there were the ruins of a second township that failed in the early 1800s but most if not all of that has been swallowed up by the wild by now.

The Croneswood

Aspect: The Deep Dark of olden times.
The diverse forest in the central part of the Island is what most Islanders mean when they say “the woods.” It has many hiking trails, camp grounds, a mid-sized unnamed lake fed by fresh water streams. And two ranger stations even though it is not a nationally protected park area. Its other name, the Croneswood, is more recent and refers to its non-recreational nature. It is home not only to the Old Crone of the Woods and Malvorax’s Pillar, but also to any number of strange objects, beings and phenomena. In recent years more than ever, it is not wise to wonder out of designated safe areas or to go there looking for what does not want to be found.

The Southern Reach

Aspect: Strength of the Earth in wood and stone.
Covering the southern tip of the Island is a dense tangle of various hardwoods, including an indigenous type of oak that grows nowhere else. There is a small lumber operation on the coast since no road plows through the precious growing land. They use barges to float harvested wood to Southern Reach Road that borders the township and from which the woods derives its name.

The Woods

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