The Ocatro

Long ago, the Ocatro was a council of Elders from a number of the High Noble Bloodlines. They acted as a sort of court for the feudal-system minded Witches of the time, able to resolve conflicts and even make something like laws.

In the previous millennium (c1000-1999 AD), Witch-kind experienced a decline: few and less powerful Witches were born every year. As individuals lost power, the Ocatro were given more. The position in the Ocatro like a president, used to break tie votes, became as close to a king as the race would ever have. Some believe that only members of the Lumiere Bloodline were allowed to hold that position but it could be that a Lumiere was the last to do so.

For reasons made vague through the ages (seeking to stamp out “corruption” is the traditional claim), the Ocatro had a hand in beginning the Inquisition. By the time they realized the horror they had unleashed, it had taken on a life of its own and all their power combined was barely enough to stop it.

After that, the Ocatro disbanded and have never reformed in the centuries since. But there are rumors now that Archibald Corvus might be trying to reform the Ocatro with him as King.

The Ocatro

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