The Heights

Aspects: Family life amid the halls of power. Ancient traditions and modern security.

Located in the hills on the northwest side of New Salem township, the Heights is a gated community built around the oldest estates on the island. It is the property and residences of the High Nobles; no commoners or humans allowed except as guests or servants.

Protected by state of the art security systems, both mundane and magical, the Heights’ amenities are such that residents need never use town services: private tutors rather public schools, concierge doctors rather than clinics, security guards rather than the sheriff’s department. That does not prevent the occasional High Noble youth from sneaking out to go slumming in town or to a Moonrise Cove rave.

Since the majority of money and power on the Island is centered in the Heights, there are many (Witch and human) who are always trying to weasel their way inside. There are also those who would want in for more vengeful reasons.

The Heights

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