The Gargoyle


The origins of this fearsome creature are unknown, though most believe It to have been “constructed” rather than born and that it may have been here guarding the Cellar prior to the Island being colonized by humans or Witches. It is known to be able to speak (quite intelligently) and has either been given or chosen the name Lincoln in recent years (decades?).

It is further believed that Lincoln, like the statues It is fashioned after, does not need air, food or sleep. It is also rumored to have powers like the Delapore Bloodline to negate Witchly powers, making It a superior guard for Witch prisoners.

Despite these beliefs that would suggests and eternally vigilant guardian, Lincoln can be seen outside of the Cellar. On certain nights (and infrequent days) It has been seen high in the skies over New Salem, on unknown missions, presumably fulfilling the will of either Its creator(s) or the Chamber of Commerce.

The Gargoyle

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