The Five Pillars

Pillar of the Wind,
River Ridge Pine Forest

e79156d12af87111c180d01bd3a54c48.jpgThe monoliths known collectively as the Five Pillars predate any human or Witch inhabitants of the Island. They each stand alone in far flung regions. They are of different sizes, from seven to twelve feet tall, and are even made of different types of stone.

Pillar of the Water,
Moonrise Cove

Stone_of_Setter.jpgBut there are links. They all bare glyphs of an unknown cultural. The area around each Pillar is a place of power, amplifying magic and producing in Witches specifically a slowing of time and a richness of detail in all sensations, what modern Witches have come to call hyper-reality. Because of this, the Pillars are sometimes used by the young for rites of passage and as a place to settle disputes… spectacularly and finally.

Pillar of the Earth,
Unnamed Inlet

twyford_monument_names.jpgFour of the Pillars each bare an ancient Egyptian symbol for one of the four elements. The Pillar that rests in the Wolf Preserve to the north is Wind. The one near Moonrise Cove to the west is Water. The one near the Cellar Door Inlet to the south is Earth. The one in the east, not far from New Salem Township, is Fire. These Pillars’ positions represent the major lay lines. And in their center (the convergence) is the fifth Pillar.

Pillar of the Fire
Potters Field near New Salem Township

macbeth.jpgThis fifth Pillar bares Enochian script as well as its unknown glyphs. It translates to the name Malvorax the Desiccator. It is likely that the other four Pillars are linked to how that being is imprisoned but this fifth Pillar is for certain the very site of Its imprisonment. Only brash youth dares to spend time near the Pillars for reasons other than careful study.

Central Pillar, Pillar of Malvorax
The Croneswood

The Five Pillars

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