The Cellar

Of those Witches forcibly remanded to the Island, there were those too dangerous to allow among the general population. For some, exile to the wilder places of the Island was sufficient. But for the worst, there is the Cellar, an underground prison enchanted to weaken magical powers.

Its entrance has been identified over time as supplies must be taken in occasionally: an iron-grated cave mouth – wryly called the Cellar Door – 25 feet below the water’s surface in a tumultuous inlet north of New Salem Bay. Little is publicly known of the Cellar’s interior since there is only one way for a civilian to see it. Likewise there is no clear answer as to how one is sentenced to the Cellar or when (if ever) they get out.

A persistent rumors is that there are more than Witches down there; that the cavern already held sleeping entities at bay. That others before have used this lay line rich Island to imprison darkness is evident from the presence of Malvorax the Desiccator.

The Cellar’s most famous residents are prisoner Valentine Aldra and the Warden, a huge gargoyle which can rarely be seen soaring in the night sky, performing duties no one can guess at.

The Cellar

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