Sarah Clark

memories_by_g0ldfishl0ve-d60zytm.jpgThough an attractive women in her early twenties, Sarah has a somewhat haunted look to her, possibly accentuated by her preference for vintage clothing and the antique silver locket (a family heirloom) she is never without. Still, bright eyed and quick witted, she has the air of one who has mastered this day and age but is not truly from it.

Orphaned at the age of six when her parents were lost at sea on Roxy Margraive’s ferry. She was taken in by her human aunt, Mable Ashton, and is now a paralegal in her practice.

She excelled in the local community college where she became active in politics during the re-opening of Pantheon Academy. She was surprised at the respect her last name afforded her, only then learning of her High Nobility.

Oddly, she appears to have repressed any memory of her (or anyone else’s) Witchly nature. She is aware that there are those, her eccentric grandmother among them, that follow a type of Wiccan faith and even believe they have magical powers but she has convinced herself that there is no such thing as magic.

Meanwhile, suspicious unanswered questions – asked in accusatory tones – about her parents’ death have driven a wedge between her and the powers that govern the Island. She has been forbidden to leave the Island with no explanation and is trying to find others that have also been so “imprisoned.”

Sarah Clark

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