Rembrandt "Remmy" Johnson

vampire-larp--large-msg-12354100212.jpgRemmy was the quintessential nerd of the human world: socially awkward, obsessed with fantasy novels and role-play games, and more himself as his on-line presence. Then he found his community, other like-minded misanthropes centered around a live action role-play (LARP) game called Guilds of Blood Magic. Among them he blossomed. Just not into something better.

Some creativity and a thirst for power let Remmy to rise “Lead Storyteller” in the group where he established a cult-like following. The LARP then decayed into something even less wholesome. The games were more ritualistic and sexually charged, or just thinly veiled excuses to hold drug-fueled raves out in Moonrise Cove. Vandalism, shop lifting and other petty crimes were perpetrated by his “cult” supposedly in accordance with his vague manifesto. But Remmy was guilty of no crime other than hearsay instigation. And since he and his followers were all minors, little could effectively be done.

Last Halloween, Remmy organized a camp out “game” deep in the Croneswood. The final scene, an orgiastic bacchanal, was staged beneath Malvorax’s Pillar and would have freed that terrible entity if not for the intervention of the the Gnomes.

Remmy claims he made up the ritual (with no aid from evil extra-dimensional beings) and that anything “supernatural” seen by him or his troupe was due to the cocktail of drugs in the ritual blood (grapefruit and tomato juice).

The Sheriff doubts him, thinking maybe Remmy was in contact with Malvorax and agreed to free It. With nothing but suspicion, the Chamber of Commerce has not given the Sheriff authority to “take steps” with Remmy, but he is watching him. His LARP troupe has been disbanded but they still communicate on-line, where they circulate videos of that night that imply but never show anything supernatural. Most have gone viral. Remmy’s cult continues to grow.

Rembrandt "Remmy" Johnson

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