Phoenix Blacksteel

drow_necromancer.jpgPhoenix Blacksteel is the (hopefully) stage name of a magician sharing his craft via a VBlog. Dressed in a faux-steel mask and flowing wizard’s robe, both home-made, his over the top melodramatic presentation belies some real talent. In fact most agree that one or two illusions per “show” must be digitally altered or some special effects applied. Otherwise they would be impossible.

An internet sensation among the disenfranchised and misanthropic youth of the norther New England coast, including New Salem, most would agree that Blacksteel is half way through his fifteen minutes of fame. He would be dismissed entirely if not for the content of some of his gimmicky melodrama.

Blacksteel claims to be the sole survivor of an ancient race from “a forested isle rich with the power of dragon paths (lay lines).” This, he says, is his ancestral domain but “pretenders, foul witches, hide among the people of the island to usurp [his] power.”

The rest of his shtick is self-aggrandize meta-plot and Dungeons and Dragons references but the allusion to New Salem is evident, even to Blacksteel’s young fans on the island who include Remmy Johnson and his followers. They believe he may be an Islander as well, wearing the mask to hide his identity from the Witches.

The Chamber of Commerce has had no luck finding the upload location of the VBlogs and may be searching for someone trustworthy (read: controllable and/or of one of the Bloodlines) who has expertise in such modern matters.

Phoenix Blacksteel

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