Since the first inhabitants of New Salem, there have always been more humans than Witches. At first as the Witches’ servants or “herd” as the indelicate Elders called them. Later growing to fill out most of the rest of the township.

Like the Bloodlines, certain families have thrived here and so some last names are very prevalent: Johnson, Ashton, Darrow and others. But no one with one of these names ever lives in the Heights. Work there, yes, but live there? Never.

However, as is the habit of nobles (Witch or otherwise), there has been a fair amount of philandering with the “help” over the years. Many illegitimate children were born, some going unnoticed among the humans, as not every child of a Witch manifests obvious powers, if any at all.

But these offspring still had the gene or trait or whatever that allows mortals to wield magic. And that trait is persistent. So that offspring’s offspring, or another generation removed, or 5 generations removed, may randomly (seeming) manifest powers. Those that do are called Bastards, every bit a derogatory name among Witches as it is among humans.


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