Archibald Corvus

reaper-the-devil-ray-wise.jpgPresident of the local Chamber of Commerce, owner of Corvus and Darrow Financial Advisers, and Elder of his Bloodline, Archibald Corvus is the wealthiest and most influential Witch on New Salem.

And unlike most of the other High Nobles, “Archie,” to his friends only, is an approachable member of the township (Witchly) community. He is in attendance at many of the down town festivals and a huge supporter of local charities, donating both money and his personal time. It was primarily his efforts that re-opened Pantheon Academy so that High and Lesser Noble as well as human children would learn to work together.

Though he is beloved by the human community, most Witches cannot dismiss that he is an Elder of the deceitful Corvus Bloodline. No one directly confronts him, but it is widely believed that by seeking office and acceptance as he does, Corvus also seeks to re-establish the Ocatro with him as at its head. Merely being a Corvus means it is possible that his entire demeanor is lie, an elaborate rouse to further some vast scheme that one day will come to fruition.

Though many deal with him regularly and even like him, with family baggage like that, It is as hard for Corvus to trust as it is for him to be trusted.

Archibald Corvus

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